Saturday, 5 March 2016



Vincent is leading a quiet life running a hairdressing salon and looking after his elderly mother when one day he meets Rosalie Bloom. Instantly he feels that he knows her from somewhere. The curiosity leads to an obsession. He starts following Rosalie everywhere, but the mysterious lady has a secret of her own…

ROSALIE BLUM is the directorial debut of Julian Rappeneau whose previous credits were as a writer for some big French productions of recent years. His focused plot is the very core of this endearing film. ROSALIE BLUM is as original as it is captivating. Touching lightly upon the big themes of destiny and the reason for living, the movie focuses on the lives of little people and what makes them tick: their small victories and failures and how they survive in the modern world.

Telling the story from three different points of view, ROSALIE BLUM is a curious combination of mystery, drama and romantic comedy. The story is constructed a certain way, where every answer leads you to a new mystery, until the very last question is finally answered.

Noemie Lvovsky as Rosalie Blum is the true star of the film. Her plain looks are bursting with charisma and her smile can win hearts. A queen of episodic roles, here she steals the limelight, giving her character an unexpected depth for such a light hearted film.

ROSALIE BLUM is outstandingly written, well directed and superbly acted drama that does not fit any profile of modern cinema. ROSALIE BLUM is probably one of the most original films you will see this year.

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