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Kate Abbot (Milla Jovovich) is the only survivor in an explosion where all her colleagues had died. Being the only suspect  and with a merciless killer (Pierce Brosnan) hunting her down she has no one to turn to. She can only count on herself to uncover a global terrorist conspiracy and stop the unthinkable from happening.

SURVIVOR has a familiar set up of Nick of Time, Red Eye or Non Stop, but with a lesser budget and simpler script. Director James McTeague, the famous creator of "V For Vendetta" gives us a disappointing and uninspired piece of work. It's resembles an episode of 24, only without character development. Every turn of the script is obvious from miles away and Milla Jovovich gives a woden performance and lacks vulnerability and charisma required for the role. The image of a merciless killer suits her much better. As for Pierce Brosnan, he plays well against the stereotype, portraying a cold blooded bastard with ease, however the script does not give him any back story to work with, so his character, inspite of his efforts, remains a one dimensional baddie.

On the bright side the movie has a decent cinematography and action. It is always fun to watch Milla running away from Pierce, looking scared, and as the stakes grow higher towards the end of the film, it even manages to deliver on suspense department. The script of SURVIVOR will fall apart like house of cards if you start analysing it, but may be enjoyable if you overlook the faults and just go along with it. With its generic story and cliche characters, SURVIVOR can be enjoyed by some and well deserves its place under the sun.

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