Thursday, 31 December 2015



A brother and a sister are on a trip to the lake house to save their sibling who seems to be losing his mind. He has someone or something locked up in the basement. Is it just another delusion or the monster is real? 
They will have to get down, to find out.

If you fast forward to 19 minutes into the movie you may have a better ride with this little indie horror. There is too much senseless  badly written dialogue in the beginning, and it does not add anything to character development that is not clear later in the film.

POD could have been fun if not for the some slow pacing and very ordinary acting. Performances aside, all characters look like they have just walked out of hair dressing saloon, that includes the deranged brother, who should look sweaty and unwashed (there doesn't seem to be a shower in the house, but even if there was, would he be thinking about washing up under the circumstances?) 

On the bright side the location is spot on - here is the real house with a spooky character. Too bad the protagonists are unlikable, the story is disjointed and the cinematography (apart from a  few outside shots of frozen lake and the house)is mediocre. Yes, the team behind had very little money, but the real problem of the film is not the budget, but writing.

POD manages to deliver a few real scares, but is just too tedious to be enjoyable.

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