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Scott Lang, a petty criminal, steals a suit that can shrink him in size, but make him as powerful as a bullet. As it turns out, Scott is just a pawn in a game  - to set in motion the biggest heist of all and prevent a disaster. Will he be able to fill in the shoes of the world's smallest super  hero and find a redemption for the sins of the past?

With the new MARVEL movie ANT-MAN we get some strong performances, great timing comedy and a few very original action scenes. When I say a few action scenes - it is exactly what I mean. ANT-MAN is not all action. In fact, it takes rather long time to take off. It would be fine to throw in some retro action opening scene involving Michael Douglas character - an Ant-Man of the previous generation. The script was asking for it, but ALAS!
It takes a good half an hour for the things to get interesting, and as soon as we see the ant man suit in action the imagery gets mind blowing. But, once again, we get a very predictable origin story, and while Paul Rudd as Scott Lang and Michael Douglas as Hank Pym do their best to entertain us, we cannot escape a déjà vu.
While the plot is very linear, there are many laughs. Comedy is where the movie really works. There's some fantastic dialogue and amazingly creative jokes through action. It's a great achievement for a movie, to pull out a trick you had never seen before, and ANT-MAN manages to do so on several occasions.
A little disappointing is Evangeline Lilly's character Hope, who merely fulfils the role of a romantic  interest for our protagonist. One of the post credit scenes, however, suggests that there may be more interesting things for her in store.
ANT-MAN will come back and let's hope with a better story. While visually original, it is still highly predictable and very safe.  


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