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A knock at the door. An unexpected guest. A family in trouble. They thought that the worst thing had already happened to them. But it was only the beginning.

When a friend of their deceased son Caleb knocks at their door, the Patterson family have to invite him in. The boy’s name is David Collins and he is what the family needs right now. He is confident, he is handsome, and he will do everything for his new family. Even kill…

THE GUEST is a straightforward psycho horror from director Adam Wingard, a man behind YOU ARE NEXT. The set up is simple, but it is a portrayal of Daniel by an ex Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens that makes it interesting. His character is bursting with charisma. His dangerous edge is the most attractive feature about him and I found myself justifying his moves until the bitter end. In THE GUEST Dan Stevens gives us the most likable serial killer ever. Do not expect to dig deeper into the mystery of his past. It will be largely kept a secret from the audience, and this is probably why the movie feels so real.

THE GUEST is the proof that simple can be best. But it does not mean that simple cannot be surprising. I was astounded when the story made a move towards the middle, involving the number of characters and expanding into a more of an action film territory. But the showdown between Daniel and the “final girl” is straight from the 80’s and can turn nostalgic any horror fan.

One of the most interesting features about the film is its soundtrack. In it's shamelessly old fashioned, but catchy tunes, classic pop is mixed with many new original techno rhythms (synth pop). The ANTONIO hit by Norwegian songstress ANNIE is a total knockout. This song alone worth checking out the original soundtrack for THE GUEST.

Last, but not the least, it is Maika Monroe as Anna Peterson who insured movie’s tension. Her character combines toughness with innocence, and she is a fantastic “final girl”.

THE GUEST is an interesting exercise in horror. Simple in plot it gives you some unlikely qualities for a scary movie, and is a very enjoyable ride.

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