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Cheon-hi is 14 year old. She is different from everyone in the class and her classmates feel it. One day she comes back home after school and hangs herself without leaving a note. Her mother and older sister blame themselves for not recognising the signs of the approaching tragedy and try to figure out the reason for Cheon-ji suicide. To get to the bottom they will need to follow the thread of lies elegantly woven by Cheon-ji's classmates.

THREAD OF LIES is one of these rare films that combine the best of many genres. Bitter sweet drama at heart it is also a detective story. It is an honest and brave film that does not turn away from painful issues, dealing with the problem here and now and not letting go until the final truth is revealed.

For a film dealing with such a hard and painful issue as teenage suicide the thread of lies is surprisingly uplifting. Maybe because after the initial shock of the first ten minutes (it's pretty confronting even knowing  you in advance what's to come) it is hard to imagine how things can get even worse, hence starts the healing. It is probably movie's incredible honesty that will win you over, with fantastic performances coming from the young cast and the determination of the film to tell a good story instead of pushing the audience to to feel a certain way.

Above all THREAD OF LIES is a fabulously entertaining movie. Scenes are short, dialogues are snappy and characters are easy to relate to. The script approaches the villains in non judgemental way, making us identify with them stronger than we do with the protagonists. This is one of these films that one can get totally absorbed in, forgetting the world outside. Highly entertaining, THREAD OF LIES is an intelligent film for all ages, that makes its message clear without preaching.

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