Saturday, 18 January 2014


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AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY refers to the month and the place - a rural area in Oklahoma. Here three sisters arrive to support her strong willed, but cancer ridden, drug addict mother when her husband, their father, disappears from home. Then a tragedy strikes, old wounds are opened and demons are unleashed.

Maryl Strip in the role of the cruel family matriarch Violet has outdone herself. Stripped of all glamour (pardon the punt) she is an unstoppable carriage heading for derail. She is incredible to watch, but so is Julia Roberts, who plays the oldest of the sisters - Barbara. The “Barbara - Violet” stand against each other is the core of the movie.

AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY may be intimidating to watch. The power play of so many good actors in one film can be a little overwhelming but too much of good acting cannot be bad, right? OUSAGE COUNTY has been pushed to the heights of the blockbuster because of all the famous people involved. An intimate play at heart it seems to be taking hard coping with entertain millions. A movie about a family of misfits who lie and abuse each other is an acquired taste…  Or is it?

If for a moment we forget the production values and look at the play itself we can see many melodramatic twists that belong in daytime TV and not on a big screen. However stranger things had happened. One thing OSAGE COUNTY does well is to make you think better of your own life. And you thought your own family is messed up? Think again!

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