Thursday, 1 October 2015



Ermanno and Giacomo are two friends and partners in a small furniture business. As their finances are running dry threatening the closure of the factory an incredible thing occurs - they discover the the oil on their backyard. To put the oil on a production rails requires a significant investment of money and effort, and the two old friends go head to head when their opinions on what to do with the grand discovery differ. What will win, the honest stubbornness or practicality?

There are films that are not intended for an international market and PARTLY CLOUDY is one of those films. Oriented mainly for the family viewing it includes animation sequences that are too unoriginal to attract younger viewers while the two middle aged men arguing over the oil does not make an intensive enough experience for an older audience either. Even the charisma of the ever popular  Luca Zingsretti in the role of Giacomo is somehow inefficient in this well written, but weakly shot comedy.

The problem with PARTLY CLOUDY is not that it is not good, it simply not good enough. This is something that should have been written for a small screen and stay there. Things could have been different if the move was more fast paced, with gags and laugh out loud jokes. As it is, the film is not something I would recommend to anyone. You will go along with PARTLY CLOUDY if you have started watching it, but with so many other films on offer, it will be unlikely you will ever make time for it.

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