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Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson) is a retired gangster down on luck. He had done terrible things in his past and now lives under the crushing burden of guilt that destroyed his family life, and taking him to the very bottom of life.

When his son Michael, who has nothing to do with the criminal world, gets into trouble, Jimmy rushes to help. Only to realise that to save the innocent lives he has to become a killer once again.

Jaume Collet-Serra chooses a thriller, borderline horror projects well. His horror efforts THE ORPHAN and HOUSE OF WAX, acquired a cult following over the years. His previous films with Liam Neeson, UNKNOWN and NON-STOP were carefully crafted, a sort of complicated mystery thrillers. Unlike them, RUN ALL NIGHT has a very simple premise, however it well delivers on drama as well as action. Liam Neeson does what you expect from him in an action film, but here he is at least given a character with some complicated issues and manages to squeeze in some depth into it in between the set pieces. His scenes with Ed Harris, who plays a criminal boss and the main villain, are pure gold, as tense as hell, with two men giving it everything they’ve got.

RUN ALL NIGHT has just the right balance of drama and action. Full of violence, the film is surprisingly bloodless comparing with modern gangster movies, the camera is moving forward fast, never focusing on the results of the carnage.

While the action scenes are tense and detailed, the cinematography feels a little too stagy when the camera moves through the whole city in one continuing shot, which looks more like a zooming feature on google maps, than an expensive cinematic gimmick.

Overall RUN ALL NIGHT offers two hours of action without compromising on drama. With some fine performances and memorable scenes, it is the movie you may recommend to friends, but a forgettable one in the end.

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