Tuesday, 17 February 2015



A chance encounter between a university student and A young billionaire creates mutual affection. But this Cinderella story has a twist. Cristian Grey has a special sexual appetite. Ana Steel has to choose to accept a set of rules in order to be with the man she loves. But if she decides to change for him, will she loose her true self forever?
50 SHADES OF GREY works perfectly as a melodrama, but as soon as it steps into uncharted territory of perverse sexual games it is prudent and slightly awkward. In one scene Ana's best friend Kate asks her to describe Grey, and Ana bursts out the first word that came to mind: "Clean." This description fits the movie in whole - it is slick, clean and safe, at times even sterile. The steamy scenes in Grey's playroom are picture perfect, full of designer sex toys that never really have a chance to be used properly. Take these scenes out and movie will not lose anything.
The good news are that even without so called controversy the film lives up to expectation, the chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan is strong and camera loves them. Dakota Johnson has a look and style of young Sophie Marceau, while Jamie Dornan is a rough modern version of Ryan Phillippe. They do make a great movie couple.
While film battles with the explicit nature of the material, it manages to raise a few interesting questions: does one always have to change for the sake of love? And does it really worth it?
For a book that is penned as badly written and shallow there is an an interesting depth in the film that is based on it. And there are a few moments for a thinking viewer, where they are least expected. 

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