Wednesday, 30 July 2014


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The deadly virus killed most of the earth's population while apes live peacefully in the forest outside the city. When humans try to reach an electricity generator, hidden deep in the forest, their trip lies through the territory controlled by apes. When two intelligent species meet they face mistrust and danger. Is it the beggining of the new bloody war? Intrigues, betrayal and bloodshed Shakespearean style insures.

Some movies go beyond expectations. The premise of the earth populated by talking, horse riding, machine gun shooting apes may not be one's cup of tea, but a piece of cinema that can hold you in its grip for two hours, breathless and thrilled, can not be ignored. This is an Avatar with apes, but instead of wild paradise being invaded, it gives us the story of the beginning of time and the first sin. The film carefully points at the importance of tolerance towards what you do not understand. THE DAWN is an art house film with multimillion budget. Is there more any movie buff can ask for?

One problem THE DAWN faces is its predictability. But once again predictable done well is a success. A good action movie that makes you think is as far as a blockbuster cinema can go these days. So no matter what you think about the premise give it a chance. You will be rewarded by a somewhat familiar story... And a catharsis.

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