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Roberto is a criminal lawyer who is estranged from his wife. He is worried about his kids leaving to Spain with their mother, but his fears are going to multiply when the children suddenly disappear while running down the stairs somewhere between the 7th and the ground floor. What had happened? Is one of the residents involved or is it someone from Roberto's work tries to settle the score? The claustrophobic paranoia insures.

7th Floor is a thriller confined in a claustrophobic space of the apartment block with a promise of a great mystery. Unfortunately the great concept comes undone when when the script runs out of ideas half way through and presents the most plausible, and rather obvious ending. The things go from bad to worse when awkwardly (and unnecessary) we are being taken beyond the premises of the crime, which breaks the atmosphere and pushes the story where we did not want it to go.

Argentinian super stars Racardo Darin and Belen Rueda make a fine duo, especially because the story conflict revolves around their relationship. Will they be able to forget their quarrels when the lives of their children are at stake? Or will the tragedy will only open the old wounds?

The first forty five minutes of the film are very tense. We are plunged in every parent's nightmare, and even if you dot have children it is not hard to imagine what Ricardo is going through.But very soon it is obvious that, just like the characters of the movie, we are being played. Overloaded with suspects and red herrings the film is failing to hide who will benefit most from the kids sudden disappearance.

7th floor could have been a great little thriller if not for some bad writing decisions. But it is tense, short and focused. There are worst movies out there.Just remember - don't let you kids run downstairs unsupervised!

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