Friday, 15 November 2013


Last week commemorated a great event in this year's pop culture, which is the final episode of DOWNTON ABBEY SEASON 4. It counts only eight episodes, but  in Australia there's a hardly a show that is being expected with such anticipation. Downton can boast as large a fan base as AVENGERS, and considering its costume drama setting it is an unprecedented achievement it itself.
So what is it all about? What is the key to it's success?

It can be summed up in one word - writing. Julian Fellows' style of drama creates dilemmas for the characters, with each episode escalating the conflict. At the same time he doesn't keep a viewer in suspense for long, resolving story arcs as quickly as possible, and this is catering for the younger audience who are used to intrigue of the likes of REVENGE and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.

This year's season has a darker undertone, dealing with the problems of rape, abortion and inter racial marriage - tabu themes for the costume drama genre to date.

With the departure of some major characters  after the shocker of a cliffhanger of the last year's Christmas Special one could think that there is not much left to tell. But the series pace and drama did not slow down and each episode seems as fresh and innovative as three years ago. With the announcement of the fifth series getting a green light it is safe to say that we will be entertained by the Crawley family for at least one more year... and there's always Christmas special to look forward to!

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